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Nepal has so much to offer, and while during your stay in Nepal’s most beautiful city we don’t want the memories of the majestic landmarks and pristine natural beauty to be the only thing you take back with you. The city offers its visitors a range of souvenirs both you and your loved ones back home. We have listed out some of the most sought-after souvenirs so that you can take the best of Nepal back with you.


Thangkas are Tibetan Buddhist paintings delineated on cotton, silk applique or human skin, which usually portrays a deity, scene or mandala. Many tourists visit Nepal to simply catch a sight of these beautiful, intricate paintings. Based on its size, the Thangka painting embroidery could take about six to eighteen month alone to complete. If you have always wanted to fill the vacuity in the walls of your residence, then Thangkas will surely prove to be a great piece of décor.



Nepal’s traditional weapon, the Khukuri is seen as a symbol of heraldry in Nepal, and the famous, fearsome Gurkha fighters still carry a khukuri with them to face situations where their guns fail them. The sharp and decisive machete-like blade comes with two smaller utility knives and a sheath. Though there are regulations to the size of Khukuri you can take back with you, it has an interesting item to gift someone or place on your mantle. There is also a handful of online stores that will gladly have your khukuri shipped to your home country.



Made from the wool of the Pashmina goats (Changthangi) of the Himalayas, the fibres are drawn are used to make a number of garments, which is not only warm but also equally soft and light. If taken proper care of, pashmina apparel could last you for decades, making it a great investment to your wardrobe. Whether it is a stole, sweater or poncho, a pashmina will never go out of style. Being very light, a pashmina garment won’t take up much space in your luggage.



Travellers who took the Silk Route brought the age-old therapeutic tool of singing bowls to Nepal, and these bowls are quite popular in regions across South and East Asia. Also known as the Himalayan Bowl, Healing Bowl or Tibetan Bowl, the singing bowl is made from a mixture of seven different metals that stand for the seven celestial bodies. The bowls come various shapes and sizes and produce vibrations that are said have many health benefits and is also said to protect the person from the evil aura. Coming in smaller sizes as well, these archaic bowls are easy to pack, and is a souvenir that would be a great addition to your house.



Woodcarving is an ancient Newari craft that is not only aesthetic with its intricate designs but also holds a great significance in the Nepali culture. It is believed that the woodcarving works were the earliest medium to understand and interpret history, because of the natural ageing of wood. The skillful hands of the woodcarvers of Nepal still have so many stories to tell through their detailed designs, and their work isn’t only for one to descry to. You could also by small pieces of woodcarving to take back with you as a souvenir.


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