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The spa is a true declaration of luxury and world class sophistication, the perfect oasis for head to toe pampering. After a hectic day, nothing beats a good massage at our spa where you get to detox from your daily stress. Our trained and professional staffs provide the best treatment for your needs.

Hair Spa Treatment and its Benefits

Hair Spa is known to be a new  concept for hair rebirth. Not only it will make your hair look great but this treatment is also an aid to the wellbeing of your mind and body. Hair spa is essential fir maintaining a healthy growth of your hair. It is a procedure that helps to makeyour hair strong, bouncy and shiny while dealing with hair fall, damage, split ends as well as dandruff. For people who feel like their hair lacks the strength or volume, hair spa is the best way to strengthen each hair follicile and give a more bouncy look.


  • Deep conditioning Hair Spa treatment is designed to strengthen the hair follicles, nourish the roots & revitalize the scalp that leads to natural hair rebirth.
  • It helps to normalize oil secretions.
  • It increases cell metabolism and stimulates blood circulation.
  • It eliminates impurities inside pores and repairs damaged hair.
  • Spa is a rehydrating therapy that restores vital oils and moisture for a smooth, sensuous glow that begins at the roots.