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Useful Nepali Apps


Getting about in a new place can prove to be quite a hassle, especially in Nepal, where there is so much to do and see. If we have things easier for you by listing out some of the popular apps sought after by tourists visiting Nepal.

Welcome Nepal

Nepal Tourism Board’s very own app, this app gives you insight on just out all the popular tourist destinations dotted across the country. Alongside, the app also gives you travel essentials and the contact information of important agencies in and out of Nepal




This simple app gives you information on business and establishment around your locale. Whether it's the nearest ATM, hospital or bank, this app gives you all the necessary information about the place, making it easier for tourists visiting for a longer period of time.





Nepal Flights

Nepal Flights allows you to conveniently search and book domestic flights across Nepal, without needing to visit a travel agent. The app gives you a range of choices and the prices for each flight. 


Trekking in Nepal

Though the Internet is filled with sites that provide you with trekking information, all this in the convenience of an app makes it all the better. In addition to giving travellers relevant trekking information, the app lets you recommend places and things for others to choose from. Features like Deviation Alert, Avalanche and Rock Fall Alert, and Climb Alert have also been added to make it easier for trekkers to plan their journeys.