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Yoga / Meditation


Take a Yoga or Meditation at our rooftop where the constant sound of winds from the Himalayas soothes your senses and give you an absolutely exhilarating experience!

Benefits of yoga by the Himalayas

The Himalayas have been an abode for yogis for thousands of years, and a meditative session besides the mighty snowscape of the Annapurna Himalayas is sure to relax both your mind and body from all the stress and anxieties of urban life.

Yoga is proven to enhance creativeness, flexibility, and muscle strength, and alongside helps in balancing your metabolism and effectively lose weight. Beside the Himalayas, our scenic views are sure to make your yoga sessions all the more revitalizing.

4 Benefits of Early Morning Meditation

Meditation is an amazing relaxation tool. Apart fromcalming the mind, easing anxitey and stress it also heals and soothes our body.It is said that meditation trains the mind and body to listen to our soul, allows spiritual growth. Meditation and Yoga heads side by side when it comes to health benefits and here are 5 benefits of practicing them in the morning.

Morning is the most peaceful time for meditation

The time the sun rises from its horizon is a quite time when the world hasn't started to move with its daily hustle. Meditation becomes easier in this time. The mind is clear of thoughts which makes it easier for you to concentrate. There are abundance of spiritual and healing energy around this time of the day.

Meditation is at its most powerful 

Our mind and body are already relaxed first thing in the morning from sleep. We have less stress and our mind is clear through the spiritual walk we take in our dreams. Meditation in the early morning helps us remember these spiritual awakening times clearly.

Morning meditation builds our confidence and focus

Morning meditation gives us the positive reinforcement important for our daily mood. We can see ourselves enjoying and having a smooth day. This is because morning meditation boosts our confidence by reassuring us that we are ready for the day and whatever challenges it holds for us. We will see ourselves not fighting but solving and succeeding with ease.

Morning meditation builds creativity

The brief moment between sleep and waking up is a very special time for imagination. Meditating at this time brings back dreams as visions and we can allow our imaginations to run wild. We get to choose how we want things to go in this lucid dream, meditation at this point takes you back to sleep in order for you to experience your imagination, rekindling your inner storyteller.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Slots are subject to availability and need to be pre-booked.
  • Please refer to the price list for rates or please contact the Front Desk.
  • This program will be offered to all customers(hotel guests and visitors).

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